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      A Brief Guide to Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

      A Brief Guide to Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

      Maintaining your Coffee Machine may sound like a chore, but it guarantees the optimal coffee result and measurably extends the lifetime of your automatic machine, you should always follow the manual that comes with your machine and use products that are recommended to ensure optimal cleaning without risk, here’s a brief informational bit on why you should prioritise the maintenance of your coffee machine.

      When it comes to the perfect coffee and smooth machine functioning you need to be on top of the cleanliness of your machine. For most machines you can try the brands range of maintenance products that they have which should deliver a thorough clean and keep your machine in tip top shape. Some Coffee Machines include filters to help battle against mineral build up, the CLARIS filter for JURA Coffee Machines delivers high quality filtered water, the cleaning tablets they produce ensure the brewing unit is clean and free from coffee fats, and the milk system rinsing function keeps the pipes clean with absolutely no milk residues.

      If carried out correctly and regularly, the amount of time and effort put into cleaning your machine is short. Maintaining most machines nowadays can be as simple as preparing your everyday morning coffee as a touch of a button is all it takes. With every coffee machine it’s a good idea to check the manual or the brand website to see what cleaning products they recommend as usually their maintenance products are designed to work with their machines to deliver impeccable cleanliness and consistently perfect coffee results.

      Do you have a JURA Coffee Machine? Use a Filter.

      Using a water filter such as the CLARIS Series filters limescale to bare minimum levels. Believe it or not water quality varies throughout the country, you may have heard the terms of soft and hard water before. This variation of quality depends on the filtered levels of minerals within the water and if it has been treated or not, hard water carries a lot of minerals such as magnesium and calcium whereas soft water has been treated and contains less minerals in it.  

      Using a CLARIS filter will help in dealing with unwanted mineral build up in your coffee machine system as calcium is the enemy of fluid systems, other elements in water such as lead, copper and aluminium may also be harmful to health. Chlorine also has a negative impact on the taste and smell of the coffee so using a filter to reduce the number of elements in your water is always a good idea if you want quality tasting coffee every time.

      Descaling your Machine

      Dealing with limescale build-up is something you will have to come across in your machine’s lifespan. Adding a CLARIS Filter will reduce the effects of build-up, but it won’t eliminate it. When the time comes for the descale make sure you are using the brand recommended product to ensure you are getting a thorough clean, for most machines descaling is a simple process and with certain brands is pretty much a one button process.

      Can Mineral Water be Used?

      The short answer is no, it’s not recommended due to the high amounts of calcium and that the level of water hardness is above the guide of 60° dH making is unsuitable for most coffee machines including JURA.

      This has been a brief look at the processes involved with cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine. If you are still looking for advice on how to descale/clean your machines or information on the products to use for cleaning then don’t hesitate to call us at STAFCO on 01282 862822.