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      The button panels of the 1961 Lollo are comfortable, responsive and ensure excellent working speed. You can choose between the electronic version with 5 dose buttons and the simpler semi-automatic version with two buttons. The Lollo steam and water valve knobs offer unrivalled speed for espresso machines of this type. With a simple hand gesture, you will have all the steam needed to froth your milk to perfection in no time at all. The cup tray is a fantastic size for a machine as compact as Lollo and is incredibly accessible. A containment component prevents any inconveniency by protecting your cups from accidental falls.


      VBM have designed the 1961 Lollo, like all other VBM 1961 machines, for baristas who see coffee making as an art that cannot ignore its glorious past. The balanced mix of straight and curved lines that decorate the VBM E64 group with which the Lollo is equipped, enables this small force of nature to be incorporated in any setting, even the most modern, without ever looking out of place.


      Prepare yourself to start an unforgettable journey through the flavours and aromas that made the Italian coffee unique in the world: they will come back in all your coffees thanks to VBM 1961. VBM mechanics and technicians have been creating high-quality and performing user-friendly hand-built machines for over 40 years, strictly following the Italian tradition; VBM machines are based on the use of VBM – E61, a purely rich heritage that has been passed on by Carlo Ernesto Valente, the one who desired and created VBM.