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      How To Checkout With Paypal Credit

      Step 1.

      After choosing which machine is right for you, you will be brought to your shopping cart. Here you can review the products in the cart and make changes if needed. To carry on through to PayPal you can click either the CHECK OUT Button, or if you are familiar with the PayPal process, then you can click the PayPal button below and skip to Step 4.

      Step 2.

      In the checkout, fill in the shipping details as normal and continue to payment.

      Step 3.

      Once you have completed shipping you will be greeted by the payment page, for PayPal credit you need to select PayPal as picture to the right. Click Complete Order to continue.

      Step 5.

      After you have logged in and if you have been approved for PayPal Credit ( if not you can follow this link https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-virtual-credit) then you will be able to choose from your options PayPal Credit. Click Pay Now to complete the purchase.