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      Dynamic milk dispenser

      Dynamic Milk provides hot and cold milk, hot and cold milk foam – fully automated through the beverage spout. The
      new cleaning process “Clean in Place” ensures time-saving HACCP-compliant cleaning without having to remove the milk foamer from the appliance and dismantle it.

      Self service mode

      In the self-service mode, the guest can request a tour of beverage options via “Post Selection”. The guest is then guided step-by-step through the individual beverage options (cup size, with or without caffeine) until their desired beverage is fully automatically prepared. All beverage options can of course be tailored to the individual customer.

      Easy & quick cleaning

      Automatic cleaning is activated via the touch display. Inserting a cleaning tablet is the only action required. Large, removable, lockable product hoppers. The coffee bean hoppers are dishwasher-proof. Ideal for easy cleaning.

      The illuminated side panels flash when action is required (e.g. when the coffee beans need refilling).

      Specifications & Details

      • Specifications
      • Instructions & Use Document