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      Stafco Coffee provides an extensive list of commercial coffee machines to lease, choosing from such a wide variety can be daunting however we will be able to help you select the right coffee machine for your environment and business. Our high-quality coffee machines are suitable for coffee shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, and many other types of environments.

      Stafco UK Coffee Machine Leasing

      What is Leasing?

      Leasing means that a piece of equipment (in this case one of our coffee machines) is on loan to your business oven an agreed period of time. You can use the coffee machine as if it were yours. At the end of your lease period, you have the option to then take ownership of the coffee machine for one further monthly instalment, upgrade your coffee machine, or return the machine.

      Benefits of leasing

      • Small Monthly Expense: Buying a coffee machine outright can be very expensive. Leasing a coffee machine can be a great way to spread the cost as you can budget your finances by paying a fixed price on a month by month basis. It helps you in not being tied down by a huge lump sum and therefore can enable you to make other investments for your business.
        • Tax-deductible/ VAT reclaimable: In most cases, coffee machine rental costs are tax-exempt as it is an asset that is not owned by the company. It is also a business expense that you can reclaim VAT on (if you are VAT registered).
        • Warranty Benefits: You can enjoy all the benefits of on-site warranty, and feel at ease knowing we can help with any arising problems, should you need support.

        Why lease from us

        We offer Installation, Training and Maintenance services with your leasing agreement, providing a full service so you don't need to do the leg work.

        Extra Benefits from as little as £7/Month:

        • Installation: We professionally install your equipment and ensure it is done to your needs.
        • Training: Stafco can provide training to your staff so that they can carefully look after your investment and make sure that operations run smoothly and without error.
        • Maintenance: We stock the highest quality of coffee machines. Although quality is guaranteed, coffee machines have a lot of moving parts and things can go wrong. Reduce the stress of unexpected malfunctions thanks to our maintenance & support teams who are capable of providing solutions to your problems.

        If you would like to purchase any of your coffee ingredients or cleaning products from us you can check out the Coffee and Ingredients/ Cleaning & Maintenance  section of our website where you can buy individual coffee products or subscribe to receive coffee on a monthly basis.