Barmy Barista Go Create Kit

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The 'Go Create' Kit filled with all the tools for any aspiring barista.


Milk Frothing Jug - A milk frothing jug is essential when making certain types of hot beverages such as a latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate. Use with a thermometer to easily view the temperature of the milk.

Coffee Tamper - A high quality tamper should not just compress or flatten the coffee but instead should do this evenly to ensure a smooth consistency in the coffee

Chocolate Shaker - Add the perfect finishing touch to your cappuccino or hot chocolate with this stainless steel chocolate shaker.

Tamp Mat - The tamping mat is perfect for those baristas who prefer to tamp with the portafilter on the edge of the work surface, using this for stability.

Milk Thermometer - This thermometer has a stainless steel clip which fits perfectly onto a milk frothing jug. Using this thermometer allows you to easily view the temperature of the milk.

De-Froth Spatula - Coffee Scoop - Barista Towel