Jura Claris Pro Smart Maxi Filter

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Designed specifically for JURA professional range of coffee machines the Claris Pro smart maxi water filter ensures the precise amount of water is filtered immediately before use Guaranteeing freshly filtered water for the perfect cup of coffee. 

Up to 250% increased performance over the Claris Pro Smart the new maxi is ideal for clients with high coffee consumption. A filter capacity of 300 up to 750 litre that can filter limescale, chlorine and heavy metals.

Thanks to I.W.S.® (Intelligent Water System) and RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, the coffee machine communicates with the filter and alerts the user when the filter capacity has been used up.

The Jura Claris Pro Smart Maxi Filter is compatible with these Jura machines:

Jura Claris SMART MAXI

·         GIGA X8

·         GIGA X3

·         X10

·         X8

·         X6